Over 35? Choose Pure Plan CBD

We don’t move or recover as fast as we used to. In our minds, we are still 20 but our joints and muscles beg to differ. Being ‘hot’ now comes in flashes and ‘chilling out’ isn’t as easy as it used to be. But when you add Pure Plan CBD to your daily regimen, all of a sudden you can feel the clock turning back and you’re doing what you love again.

why pure plan is the right choice

The Pure Relief You’re Searching For

Help reduce inflammation in your joints. Sleep like a baby and wake refreshed. Get up and move again with less pain. Don’t let worry rule your day. All of these benefits and more may be possible with help from pure CBD. Learn More about how CBD helps relieve pain.

Pure CBD with no fillers

Before we developed Pure Plan, most CBD products on the market were only 10% cannabidiol (CBD) and the rest of it was fillers.

So we set out to create the purest, most potent CBD product line available. You can be assured that what you are getting is pure CBD.

Farm Fresh and Locally Sourced

We start with USA grown, non-GMO hemp . The purest form of cannabidiol is extracted using the cleanest, non-toxic CO2 extraction method.

Our labs quality test it to ensure high potency. Then we deliver it right to your door to help you feel better naturally.

Learn more about the benefits of CBD.

Home Delivered and A 30 Day Guarantee

Pure Plan delivers the highest quality, pure CBD products right to your door, with free shipping on all orders over $99.

Our highest priority is your complete satisfaction. If you are not happy for any reason with your order, contact us for a full refund within 30 days. Learn more….


Since everyone’s body metabolizes differently, CBD dosing is a relatively inexact science. But we have a handy CBD Dosage Calculator that can help you to estimate the right CBD dosage based on your weight and health concerns.

Try the CBD Dosage Calculator here…

From Farm to Home

How does Pure Plan extract pure CBD and create the strongest, pure CBD lotion on the market as well as pure CBD tinctures? We’re committed to providing hope and relief to everyone we can – and supporting local farmers, labs and USA businesses.

Watch our video to find out more!

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