Imagine you are on the first tee, ready to hit your first drive. But the pain and stiffness from yesterday’s 36 holes causes you to shank it hard to the left and instead of landing in the middle of the fairway, you’re out of bounds and already down 2 strokes.

But now imagine this. After yesterday’s 36 holes, you applied PurePlan 3,500mg CBD Lotion to your aching muscles. Within minutes, you can feel it working to help relieve the pain and reduce inflammation. So, the next time you hit that first drive off the tee, you’re amazed that you hit it 20 yards further than before and you’re more relaxed and flexible than ever.

As golfers, we all know that golf is a game of inches. And PurePlan 3,500mg CBD Lotion can help you gain those extra inches on the golf course by helping to improve your flexibility and reduce inflammation to improve your game. Take just a few minutes to learn more about how CBD Lotion can benefit golfers today.

PurePlan 3,500 mg CBD Lotion is one of the strongest, pure CBD lotions you can buy. 

It takes advantage of the many benefits of CBD, or cannabidiol.  This is a compound found in cannabis plants. Unlike THC, which may affect your psychomotor performance and can alter senses, CBD has no psychoactive properties. That means golfers have nothing to worry about while on the golf course! In fact, PurePlan CBD Lotion has no additives, unlike other CBD lotions. And with 3,500mg of CBD, you are getting the powerful help you need.

Benefits of PurePlan 3,500mg CBD Lotion golfers will love:  

  • Reduced inflammation:  CBD is a natural anti-inflammatory, which helps golfers recover faster from muscle soreness and injury.  
  • Muscle Recovery: Long, repetitious bouts of exercise — whether that exercise is a relaxing 18 holes or a weekend tournament — often trigger your body’s injury responses, resulting in muscle soreness and stiffness. According to Sports Medicine, preclinical studies have noted the “robust anti-inflammatory” properties of CBD, which is a key factor in CBD as an effective tool for athletic recovery.  
  • Increased flexibility: CBD also has documented effects on human cell membranes, allowing golfers to increase their flexibility with regular use.  
  • Reduced pain: Many golfers suffer from chronic or acute pain, and CBD is a powerful treatment for pain symptoms, both muscular and neuropathic, without the side-effects that often come with traditional OTC pain medications like Nsaids, ibuprofen and acetiminophens.

CBD has very few known side-effects if any at all. CBD is a natural compound that comes from the cannabis sativa plant and is legal in all 50 states. That’s right golfers, CBD derived from US grown, locally sourced hemp works just as well as traditional CBD… but without any THC!

The golf offseason is often a time for golfers to focus on their health and fitness, and that usually means doing anything possible to improve strength, power, and flexibility.

But sometimes golfers overlook simple things they can do in everyday life that will help them play better golf when the season begins. One of those things that golfers should start using if – they haven’t already – is PurePlan 3,500mg CBD lotion.

You’ve probably heard of PurePlan 3,500mg CBD lotion, but you might not know what it’s really capable of. That’s why we put together this easy-to-follow guide to using PurePlan 3,500mg CBD Lotion and why golfers love it so much.

First, golfers should understand how CBD works.

CBD is an abbreviation for cannabidiol, a major chemical found in the hemp plant. It’s what makes CBD lotion so popular among golfers and non-golfers alike…

“CBDs are very important because they help activate the human endocannabinoid system (ECS), which we need to stay healthy,” says Mike Holland, a golf fitness instructor from Pittsburgh. “In fact, CBDs activate receptors within the ECS to help release specific neurotransmitters that can attach to those receptors and boost our mood, sleep cycle and overall sense of well-being.”

So, golfers already know how CBD lotion works on them – but what can golfers expect when they use it?

If golfers are using CBD lotion, here’s what to expect:

  • A reduction in inflammation and pain after golf rounds.  
  • An overall improvement of mood – which can lead to better golf scores and a happier golf game.   
  • Anti-aging properties that help golfers recover faster from a round of golf.
  • Improved golf swing because of the CBD lotion’s power to reduce anxiety and stress on golf days.  CBD lotion is a golfer’s best friend because it can improve power, flexibility, mood and recovery after golf rounds.

“Every golfer knows that golf itself is not physically demanding,” says Holland. “But golf requires golfers to be in a constant state of mental stress and anxiety.”

That means golfers need CBD lotion to help them relax and stay calm on golf days, which might boost their scores even more.

Golfers aren’t the only ones who benefit from PurePlan 3,500mg CBD lotion …so does anybody else who spends a lot of time on their feet and suffers from sore muscles.

PurePlan 3,500mg CBD lotion is the most powerful CBD golf product on the market, so it’s easy to see why golfers are so excited about it!