Through Adversity, Comes Hope – And Help For Others

For Beckie, it started out as another showing at one of her real estate listings. (customer first names) were to meet her at the property in (town name) and were very excited to see their potential new home. As one of Salt Lake’s top realtors, Beckie had a good feeling about the family and as the mother of two grown boys and grandmother to five grandchildren, she was certain this home would fit their needs.

So Beckie headed out to her appointment – unaware of the life changing event that waited for her when she arrived.

The fall happened quickly. Just one misstep going up the stairs and the next thing she knew, Beckie was on the floor and in extreme pain. At the hospital, her husband Bruce delivered the bad news – she had ruptured her back and would require surgery. In fact, over the next (time period) Beckie had to endure numerous back surgeries.

Beckie’s recovery dragged on over the next few months, and the pain medications she was prescribed made her seriously ill. Worse, she feared getting addicted to opioids. Her husband Bruce meanwhile, researched natural pain remedies and went to the local pharmacy to purchase a pain lotion containing cannabidiol or CBD. But Beckie was reluctant to try CBD, due to the stigma associated with marijuana.

In ( year ) Beckie had a spinal cord back stimulator inserted as a last effort to relieve her pain. It helped immensely but as her back was still ruptured, she had great difficulty even walking. Then, on an out of town business trip with her husband Bruce, she tried to get out of bed in the morning and discovered she could not move. Desperate to help his wife, Bruce brought out the CBD pain cream and rubbed it on her back and legs. Within the next 15 minutes, Beckie started feeling better and was able to get out of bed. Soon, she started walking again – and was determined to find out more about this natural wonder.

With the same energy and dedication that made her an award winning, nationally recognized realtor, Beckie dove into finding out all she could about CBD and its health benefits. She talked to her pharmacist to see what he knew about cannabidiol. She Googled countless online CBD websites and ordered their products. While trying numerous CBD products, she found that some worked, while others had no effect at all.

Beckie read every available white paper and article on the potential health benefits of CBD lotions and tinctures.  She found out that CBD oil not only helped alleviate chronic pain and inflammation, it helped with anxiety, depression, sleeplessness.

So why was there such inconsistency in CBD products?

Amazingly, she discovered that most CBD products contained only 10% CBD – and the rest was made up of fillers that did nothing to help alleviate any symptoms. Knowing what just a little CBD did to help her pain, Beckie set out to formulate a pure CBD product with no fillers that could help her and others suffering from chronic pain.

Working with local hemp farms in Utah, Beckie learned about their sustainable farming practices and their methods of growing specific strains of hemp that produced the highest levels of CBD without resorting to GMO or genetically modified strains of hemp. She was committed to making sure that the product she developed was grown, manufactured, tested and sold with all local U.S.A. businesses.

Finding a laboratory to extract the purest form of CBD proved to be more difficult that she imagined. Other CBD products on the market used less expensive methods of extraction that left potentially harmful residues like ( example, example). She learned that the CO2 extraction method, though the most expensive way to extract CBD, was the only way to ensure a high quality, pure CBD oil with no added chemicals – just cannabidiol oil. One local extractor in Utah (explain more here about the lab, etc) was just who she was looking for. Together, they created a 3,500 mg CBD lotion that was one of the most potent and pure CBD products on the market.

With her primary product sample in hand, Beckie set out to see how well it worked with family, friends and a growing group of people who were also searching for a way to alleviate their pain without resorting to prescription opioids and nsaids. The results were just what she expected –soothing relief from minor aches and strains to substantial reduction in chronic pain.

All of this work was done with a singular plan in mind – to help others and give them hope that they can live a life free from physical and mental pain. She knew she wanted to start a company to produce and distribute pure CBD products, but it would take more than just her to get started.

Enter Brandon Black, a friend of Beckie’s who offered to help test out her 3,500 mg CBD pain lotion. In 2003, Brandon was involved in a motorcycle accident which left him with more than a few staples in his head, some major road rash and what would become a lifetime of aches, inflammation and chronic pain throughout his body.  A dedicated family man who was used to the muscle strain and pain through his love of snowboarding, skiing, skateboarding and biking, the chronic pain and discomfort in his lower back from the motorcycle accident make getting out of bed every morning a chore. But when he used the potent, pure 3,500 mg CBD pain lotion, he immediately called Beckie and told her he wanted to do whatever he could to help get the product to others suffering from debilitating pain.

Together, Beckie and Brandon became partners and co-founded Pure Plan, whose mission is to help others and offer hope and a natural source of comfort outside of traditional pain management through Pure Plan CBD products.

Developing their line further, they knew that a potent CBD tincture would be the perfect addition to their CBD lotion. They developed a high quality, medical grade bottle and rubber dropper to enhance the premium product line and give customers the help they needed to achieve balance, calm your mind and get restful sleep through a few drops of pure CBD under the tongue. Adding different strengths of CBD to the tinctures, a 1,000 mg roll-on lotion and a convenient travel size lotion, Beckie and Brandon were ready to launch Pure Plan.

That takes us to today. Because you are taking time to read the story of how all of Pure Plan came to be is testament to the fact that many people just like you, Beckie and millions of others are looking for pain relief without harmful prescription drugs, or help dealing with anxiety, depression, insomnia without anti-depressants.

Beckie’s mantra comes down to this – don’t ever give up, because there is hope. Hope is such a strong and powerful word, when you are hopeless. So if If you are suffering from pain, inflammation, anxiety, depression or sleeplessness… please don’t ever give up.